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With 10,000-sqft work shop space and multiple projects going on, Reynolds Welding & Fabrication LLC is constantly seeking qualified, self-motivated individuals to work part-time or full-time in the office or in the field. Please check back with us often, so as openings present themselves you can be on our list of candidates to notify and . Skilled welders are always needed so feel free to reach out to see if we can fit you in on some projects. 

Reynolds Welding & Fabrication is an equal opportunity employer. As a state certified woman-owned, minority-owned business, we celebrate racial, cultural and all diversities, and are committed to provide an inclusive, safe and equal opportunity workplace to everyone who works with us. 

Please fill out a career opportunity inquiry form below if you are interested in working for us. Your application will be considered once a position of your interest is available. We cant wait to work with you!

We are currently looking for the following Positions:


       Highly motivated, hardworking with at least 3 years welding experience. Must be capable of reading and recognizing welding symbols, fabricating and assembling sheet metal products and setting up and operating fabricating machines, such as brakes, rolls, shears, flame cutters, and drill presses. Hammered, chipped, and grind workpiece to cut, bend, and straighten metal. Preheated workpieces, using hand torch or furnace, strong attention to detail and possess excellent communication skills, should be skilled in MIG and stick welding, and have a OSHA 10 card.
     Highly motivated, hardworking with at least 5 years fabricating experience. Must be capable of reading blueprints/drawings and schematic, strong attention to detail, cutting and welding materials according to technical plans, possess excellent communication skills, skilled in fabricating structural and miscellaneous metals, and has a 10-hour OSHA card.
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