Job: Misc Metal Fabricator

Title Misc Metal Fabricator
Salary Level 3 Position
Location Hartford, CT
Job Information

Study and interpret assembly instructions.
Fabricate frameworks or shells for machinery, ovens, tanks, and stacks, and metal parts for buildings and bridges
Listen to directions from supervisors.
Fabricate and assemble structural metal products.
Determine if all parts are present.
Read and interpret blueprints and sketches.
Read parts list.
Assemble tools and materials.
Positions parts and subassemblies.
Interpret measurements.
Hammer, grind, and chip workpieces.
Verify specifications.
Assemble components.
Ensure all parts are fitted and screwed in properly.
Alter dimensions to fit specifications.
Resolve assembly and production issues.
Complete preventive maintenance.
Troubleshoot malfunctions and perform repairs as needed.
Ensure working environment is clean and safe.
Operate fabricating machines such as rolls, shears, and flame cutters.
Report errors in product line.
Check stock to ensure inventory is replenished.
Complete quality control forms.
Place orders for supplies.
Participate in product development.
Build prototypes and test products.

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